"The New Petroleum Desulphurization Solution"

IUT Industry


IUT's technology is aimed at increasing refining efficiencies, improving product quality, lowering cost, and meeting worldwide regulatory agency standards for sulphur in crude and other oil streams.

The process operates with crude oil and other oil streams such as diesel, gasoline, naphtha Etc.It is an efficient complement to and/or replacement for expensive hydrogen generation and hydrotreating/hydrocracking equipment, yielding better quality products. the IUT technology will cut significant capital and operating costs for refineries.

What we do

IUT has developed a uique technology to treat petroleum streams with ultrasonic waves. IUT's new patented technology has been verified to consistently desulfurize petroleum streams and increase the quality of the product.

IUT's technology operates at atmospheric pressure and modest temperatures.
The process involves passing a hydrocarbon stream through an ultrasonic wave chamber with an added proprietary catalyst to separate sulphur from the hydrocarbon in an economic manner.