"The New Petroleum Desulphurization Solution"

IUT Industry

Why Chose IUT

IUT's technology ultimately assists oil processors in realizing greater returns on investment, but also has the ability of conforming product to increasingly stringent ultra-low sulphur regulatory demands, which are calling for virtually sulphur-free motor fuels. Our technology is aimed at increasing refining efficiency by improving product quality while lowering both capital and operational costs. 

The process operates with crude oil and other oil streams such as diesel, gasoline, naphtha, etc.

Our technology and process are an efficient complement to and/or replacement for expensive hydrogen generation and hydrotreating/hydrocracking equipment, yielding better quality products. 

What we do

IUT has developed a unique technology to treat petroleum streams with ultrasonic waves - or application of high-energy, high-frequency sound waves—to alter the molecular structure of a petroleum stream in an effort to upgrade its quality by reducing sulfur. The patented technology has  the ability to extract more value out of a barrel of oil in a more cost-effective manner than traditional hydrotreating. The ultrasonic waves used in conjunction with an oxidative catalyst not only reduces oil sulphur levels, but  has demonstrated the ability to react with some the mostdifficult types of sulphur compounds found in crude oil and other petroleum streams.

IUT's technology operates at atmospheric pressure and modest temperatures. The process involves passing a hydrocarbon stream through an ultrasonic wave chamber with an added proprietary catalyst to separate sulphur from the hydrocarbon in an economic manner.