"The New Petroleum Desulphurization Solution"


The Ultrasonic Process

The ultrasonic process, which is the key to the  IUT Technology, is illustrated in below figure. 

It involves a cavitation process:

  a)     High power ultrasound induced cavitation generates bubbles.
  b)    Bubbles oscillate and grow due to exposure to ultrasound compression waves.
  c)    Bubbles grow to an unstable size.
  d)    Implosion of bubbles leads to release of local energy.
Intense mixing and highly localized intense heat and pressure allow for chemical reactions to occur at relatively mild reaction conditions.

Key Ultrasonics Breakthrough:

•  IUT’s Sonocracking operating conditions allow the ODS reaction to occur at 

   comparably mild temperatures (ambient temperature to ~100 degrees Celsius) 

   and pressures (typically 20-40 psi).
•   Despite the mild operating conditions the chemical reaction occurs at very low residence 

    times of only 500 milliseconds less.
•  The key to this extraordinary reactivity at mild reaction conditions lies in the high

   power ultrasound employed.