Market Overview

All nations depend on the combustion of vast amounts of petroleum fuels to generate eletricity and to power their industrial sectors. Worldwide energy consumption is forecast to continue its dramatic growth. The US Energy Information Administration of the Department of Energy(EIA) has forcast petroleum products consumption worldwide to increase 40 percent by 2020. Currently, 800 worldwide refining operations refine 75 million barrels of crude oil per day. Currently, more than 50 crude oil producing countries fill the 75Million barrels per day worldwide petroleum demand, over 75% of which is produced from sour crude and need to be desulphurized before or after refining for consumer use.

Fossil fuel costs are some of the most significant factors affecting the worldwide economy. Sulphur removal in crude and other petroleum products will increase economic advantages by equalizing price differentials between high sulphur crude oils and residual fuel oils and allowing greater use of domestic reserves that are currently underutilized because of their high sulphur content. Sulphur removal in refined petroleum products is essential to meet tighter and tighter environmental standards for all countries.

IUT Industry

"The New Petroleum Desulphurization Solution"